Social Profits Mini Program

Want To Hear My Secret To Success?

So you’re looking for more clients, customers, or team members.

🔥 You want to grow your business and consistently hit your monthly income goals.

🔥 You’re ready to follow your heart and live your dreams.

🔥 The only problem is that you don’t know how to accomplish everything you want on your own.

I’ve been exactly where you are.

I’ve gone from being unsure how to grow my business to turning away clients. From 0k months to 60k months.

From living in a 700 sq foot home to living in a half-million dollar home.(It might be hard to imagine right now, but this could be you one day very soon.)

If you’ve watched my training then you know I talk about the importance of learning and mastering the secrets of marketing and sales for your online business. You want to learn about it…

👉 But maybe you can’t afford my 1:1 coaching.

👉 Maybe you’re already in a coaching program.

👉 Maybe you don’t need or just don’t want a high-ticket program.

If any of these apply to you, I have news you might be interested in!


I currently have a waitlist for 1:1 clients so for a very limited time, I’ve opened up a low-ticket offer that is a STEAL!


Coaches, Network Marketers, and Online Business Owners Looking To Grow Their Businesses.


What Will You Learn?

So what are you waiting for, Queen?


Learn to master The Social Media Selling System!


Stop constantly searching for answers. Stop wanting more and start getting more! FINALLY learn what’s been missing in your biz and hit your goals!

Ready to make it happen?


Lifetime Access to The Social Media Selling System (Valued @ $5,000)

Proven business strategy backed by $1O million of revenue over the last 12 months – Course On Everything You Need to Know To Make Your Business Successful Online


6 months of 3 Group Coaching Calls Per Week (Valued @ $12,000)

3 Coaching Call’s Per Week Which Will Give You Family, accountability, support, Q&A, business strategy, mindset, and guest speakers

Life Access to The Social Profits Private Facebook Community (Valued at $5,000)

You Will Always Be Part Of The Private Facebook Group and Have access to all group call replays, resources, and stay in touch with our community and family


One time payment of $998

Two Monthly payments of $550

One time payment of $2,495

Two Monthly payments of $1,400

Three Monthly Payments of $999


My Mission is to empower current and aspiring leaders to awaken their Authentic Power, which is realized by helping others fulfill their true purpose and ultimately, leave a legacy for themselves and their families. I, myself, am a mother of two little girls and they are the biggest driver in my business.


Before my business journey began, I worked a 9-5 corporate job, was a single mother of 2 girls, and battled PTSD from a series of abusive relationships. It was through this experience that I realized I wanted to not only be better, but also wanted to help other women see their full potential.


I joined a MLM company because I loved the products and wanted to help other women feel as beautiful as they truly are. I excelled very quickly and within 5 months was able to quit my 9-5 job. Within one year, I was running a team of over 200 women around the US, received a free car, and was making enough money to support me and my daughters! At this stage, I realized I could help so many more women around the world see results in their online network business and find financial freedom much more quickly. This led me to coaching and now, investing into my business and making multiple six figures using the same method I teach.


“Jamie is an ALL-IN coach who is fully invested no matter what. After being in her program in just a few weeks, I booked an additional 5 calls in a few days with a sale. She has helped me dramatically improve my inbound marketing strategy including up levelling my content and my organic strategies. Working with Jamie is a game changer and one of the best investments I’ve made. I love her and can’t recommend her enough if you want to hit $20k months and beyond.”

J.D. Drayton

“Joining your program has impacted my life in such a positive way.  My family, friends and clients have noticed such a powerful change in me. Completely shifting my mindset, giving me clarity and the focus I needed.  Keeping me grounded, and accountable for all of my goals. There’s something about you, just know how to talk to my soul. I’m loving this new journey of my life, learning and growing with you.

I’m so grateful to be apart of your group with so many amazing women. It’s a tremendous support system!”

Nicole M

“Hiring Jamie and learning her social media selling system marketing program for my business has been the best investment I have done! The amount of value and support and information has been by far the best in the industry. Mastering her program has skyrocketed my business very quickly, from $0 in sales to sales revenues of 20K within 4 weeks and consistently thereafter. You and your online business are in the right hands with Jamie!”

Sherry S.

“Jamie is absolutely amazing to work with!! She keeps it real, she’s authentic and she listens. She always brings me insane value! I have learned so much from her and I’m so excited to continue to do the things she’s taught me to grow myself and my business!”

Crystal M.

“Jamie helped me work through my Imposter Syndrome and gave me the confidence and skill I was searching for. Jamie’s program exceeded my expectations because I was able to start my business from scratch and making clients discovery calls within only two weeks!”

Jill E.

“Jamie found me or I found Jamie online and I agreed to a discovery call with the idea that one I wanted to work for myself and two that I wanted my part time job of pet sitting to be my full time job.

I wasn’t sure how to get from where I was to what I wanted. 

She said she could help me with her strategy.  After talking more in depth on my 1:1 she pointed out that the skills I was already using in my 9-5 were skills that people pay alot more for than what I was making. It also would bring me closer to my income goals if I started a business as a social media manager/ virtual assistant instead of a pet sitter.  She also said that because the strategy is used online that my options wouldn’t be so limited. 

I would have a larger mix of potential clients and not be limited geographically. But of course she emphasized that it was entirely up to me. She would help me build either business I wanted.

I was open to it and went with it. I was able to leave my 9-5 and work for myself after only 3 weeks with Jamie. This was something I thought was going to take 6 months to two years. “

Martha M.

Ready to make it happen?

One time payment of $998

Two Monthly payments of $550

One time payment of $2,495

Two Monthly payments of $1,400

Three Monthly Payments of $999